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Tennis Court

Don't ignore your tennis court surface and allow it to deteriorate. Keep it clean, fun and safe to play on. We are a professional tennis court cleaning company. We have all the right equipment and know-how to achieve the proper level of clean. High pressure should never be used on your tennis court. Let us bring your tennis court back to life with Soft Washing!

Call us today to have us clean your tennis court(s) professionally cleaned! 

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Why you should keep your tennis court clean, safe, and maintained.

If you are an avid tennis player, having your own personal tennis court is a dream. Maybe you have a personal tennis court or perhaps you are involved with a local community center or athletic club for your tennis playing and practicing. Regardless of where your playing tennis, court cleaning is a must to make sure the playing surface is safe and free of debris.

Elements like dirt, mold, mildew, and algae can build up and fester on a tennis court. This dirty and slick surface poses a potential safety hazard to players, as one could slip and fall during a swing or while running to the ball to make that great play. Falling can lead to a serious injury, and a serious injury could mean, well, no tennis playing for a while. The playing surface simply has better traction when it is clean. Who wants to play on a dirty court anyway? So, not only is the court safer when it is clean, but you will also play better and up your game. Be sure your wearing some good traction tennis shoes as well. 

Another reason tennis court cleaning is so important is the high costs associated if the court is left unclean and ignored for an extended period of time. If the surface is allowed to deteriorate so much where the lines are becoming difficult to see, and cracks start to appear, your cost for repairing the area will be extremely high. The cost to resurface a tennis court can run between $4000 to $10,000, and sometimes even more. The initial cost to construct a tennis court is much more expensive than that. It makes perfect sense to be sure to give the court the attention, time, and maintenance it deserves in keeping up it's good looks. So, don't let your tennis court get to that stage.










Cleaning & maintenance schedule

for your tennis court cleaning


After the day's play is completed, pick up trash, leaves, and other debris. Inspect and repair any excess court damage (i.e. foot dragging). It is a good idea to not allow piles of leaves to collect on the court. If the court is under or near trees, use a blower daily to blow the leaves off the court. 



Perimeter areas, cabana areas, and net lines should be cleaned.


Lines should be painted as needed. Check areas of heavy play (baselines and service boxes) for wear.


Low end of court should be cleaned and excess of material removed as needed.


A professional tennis court construction company should conduct a complete maintenance surface checkout (color treatment may be needed, structural crack repair, etc).


* Please note, we are not a tennis court resurfacing            company. We do however, professionally clean your        court using a soft wash process that will bring life            back to your court and safe to play on again.

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