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When should I schedule to get my windows cleaned?

Answer: Whenever you like. We are in operation year round so long as the weather permits and outdoor temperature is above 25 degrees farehnheit. Calling and scheduling 2 weeks in advance is recommended but don't hesitate to call us for a last minute request, we usually can make it work.

Do you charge by how many windows I have?

Answer: There is really not a straight forward answer to this question. Although we do count the windows, we also look at the types of windows, size of windows, landscape around the perimeter of the home or business, and the various heights involved to reach the windows. There may also be more work and steps involved than a typical window cleaning. Do the windows need scraped to remove paint, stain, caulking, or anything else? Do the windows have hard water stains that must be removed using a special product and method?

What is the haze I see on my window glass?

Answer: Most likely, the haze you are seeing on your window glass is hard water stains or the seal around your window has gone bad. We do not install new windows or correct the problem that exists with the seal. As far as hard water stains are concerned, they are usually created from the existence of aluminum screens on the windows. Hard water stains are also caused by minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water. When a surface gets wet, the water evaporates but leaves the mineral deposits behind. Sprinklers, car washes, and showers can all cause hard water spots to form on glass. Having your screens replaced with vinyl is recommended, but only after the present hard water stains are cleaned and corrected. This is a much longer process with a special product and method. We will let you know if this is an issue with any of your windows. You can also choose to keep the screens off of your windows altogether or only keep the screens on the windows your most inclined to open. 

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

Answer: This is totally up to you as it really depends upon your preference. How clean do you like to have your windows year round? If you have many trees close to your home or business or there were weather storms with high winds, you may choose to get them cleaned more often. I find that rain in and of itself does not dirty your windows but rather the culprit is pollen, high winds, dirty screens, and birds. Most of our customers choose either a quarterly or biannually schedule for their exterior windows and have the interior windows cleaned once or twice a year. A storefront business will generally choose weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning schedule while all other businesses are typically monthly or quarterly cleanings.

What other services does your company offer?

Answer: We offer an array of services including soft washing, interior & exterior window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter and downspout cleaning, roof cleaning, tennis court cleaning, and light fixture, screen, and ceiling fan cleaning. Call us today for a free estimate.

What are your service areas? How far do you travel?

Answer: Generally we like to stay within a 25 mile radius of Arden, but this is not set in stone. If your home or business is outside of this parameter, please do not hesitate to contact us. Having a neighbor join interests with you to have work done by us would be beneficial. We have been known to make many exceptions regarding this question. For a more detailed look at our service areas.

Do you have a guarantee for your services?

Answer: We want every single one of our customers to be completely satisfied with any and all work we perform for them. This way they will use our services again and again and hopefully refer us to their family, friends, and others. You must call us within the first 48 hours of completion of services to aware us of any streaks on windows or anything else we may have accidentally forgotten or missed with any of our services. If your not satisfied with anything or have any questions, contact us. We will make it right! 

What types of payment are accepted?

Answer: We will accept cash, debit cards, checks, visa, master card, and discover. Payment is appreciated after completion of services but may also be paid within 30 days before a late fee is assessed. We do charge a 2% fee with credit card and debit card purchases. You may pay online, mail, or while we are there.

Are you going to clean my windows in the rain?

Answer: The short answer is no. We do not clean windows while it is raining. We will clean interior windows if it is raining with hopes that it will stop before we proceed to the exterior windows. We will clean windows if it was raining earlier in the day or if rain is forecast later in the day or the following day. We will perform other services such as soft washing or pressure washing as well as gutter and downspout cleaning in the rain so long as it is not a heavy rain. We will not clean your windows if a strong storm is forecast later that same day. We find that rain in and of itself does not dirty your windows but rather the culprit is pollen, high winds with rain, dirty screens, and birds.

Does anyone need to be here when you arrive?

Answer: This is entirely up to you. If we are doing interior work or there is a need for us to unlock the screens of the windows from the inside of your home, we will certainly need access to the inside. If there is no need for us to be inside of the home, this is still entirely up to you. We will always respect you, your home, and property with the utmost honesty and integrity.

Are you insured?

Answer: Yes we are! We can send you a Certificate of Insurance upon request.

Why does there always seem to be water sitting in my gutters?

Answer: We get asked this question more than you would think. In almost all situations this occurs due to improperly installed gutters. Your gutters should be noticeably sloped toward the downspout. If the gutter is sloped away from the downspout, the remaining water will just sit in your gutter. This can be problematic particularly when the water sitting in the gutter freezes. This can potentially lead to costly repairs. Water is heavy as well, so having it sit in your gutters certainly puts more strain on the anchors that attach it to the roof of your home. We do not get involed with installing new gutters but we will certainly be sure they are flowing freely and let you know of any existing problems we see while cleaning your gutters.

Do you pressure wash homes?

Answer: Absolutely not is generally the answer! We soft wash the homes we service. Soft washing is the correct way to clean the exterior of your home or business. Be sure to check out our soft washing vs. pressure washing information for all the details on why this is.

Do you offer post-construction window cleaning?

Answer: Yes we do! We will remove stain, paint, silicone, stickers, etc. What is left behind on both the interior and exterior glass after construction and how much will determine price. We will give you an estimate beforehand.

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