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Serving Arden, NC - Flat Rock, NC

Mills River, NC - Fletcher, NC

Laurel Park, NC - Saluda, NC


Keeping Your Flat Surfaces at Home Looking

Healthy, Clean, & Safe

If your sidewalk, patio, driveway, or other flatwork is looking a bit dirty or has moss, grass, mold, or algae growing on it, we can make it look new again. ​When these surfaces are in this condition they present a dangerous situation creating a slippery surface prone for falling, particularly steps. It also creates an unsightly look. Who wants to walk up to their home on a filthy dirty, dangerously slippery sidewalk, especially when wet? Or finally finding time to relax on your deck or patio only to look down at grime and mess. It can really take away from your enjoyment and mood. We can clean dirt and grime off your concrete and asphalt surfaces easily. With over 50 years of combined experience, we get your flat surfaces completely clean, and if mold or mildew is growing, we don't just clean it, we kill the growth.

Creating a Safe, Clean, and Successful Atmosphere at Your Business

If your business has dirty or grimy sidewalks, patios, or parking areas, you could be losing customers. Your customers want to frequent places that are clean and make them feel safe. This is directly attached to the identity of your business. If you want a successful business then you need to first make it look like a success. Your patrons, clients, and employees will be much happier to be there and feel proud as well that they are doing business with someone who has it all together. Plus, there will be much less potential for a slip and fall if your flat surfaces are clean and safe.

We can help you get your business sparkling again with professional pressure washing. We are gentle on your siding but tough on the mold, grime, and dirt that are driving your customers, clients, and potential future employees away.

Patio and Garden


Keep your concrete patio looking beautiful, clean, and safe. Don't ignore all the elements that build up on these surfaces over time. They will create a drab atmosphere and can be dangerous if mold, grime, or algae is growing on them, especially when wet. Show off your patio when you have that cook-out or get together with family and friends. We can brighten and clean these surfaces and kill the growth on them for extended periods of time.

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You spent a lot of money on that beautiful paver stone walkway or patio. The last thing you want to do is have it looking shabby and old. Don't allow mold, grime, algae, and dirt build up on them as it will create an unsafe surface as well. We can clean your paver stone walkway or patio and get it looking new and safe again so you can feel great about your investment. Our cleaning process will kill all the growth built up on it safely and looking beautiful!

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Is your driveway or garage floor looking tired and worn? No worries, we can clean and refresh them so they look as new as possible. In most cases your driveway is the very first thing that everyone sees, especially you, when they visit your home. As that dirt and grime build up on your driveway or garage floor it can become very slippery and dangerous. We can correct that with a good cleaning. Keep your curb appeal up and your home looking well kept and proud!

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Backyard Washing


You love spending time out on the deck relaxing and entertaining family and friends. Keep it looking clean and safe for everyone. When you think you may need to have it restained or repainted, most times it just needs a long overdue cleaning. The mildew, mold, grime, and dirt build up over time and create an unsightly unsafe surface to walk on.

We can make your deck looking beautiful, clean, safe and 

admired again.

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Your home or business is precious to you and your family.

We understand this and will treat it as such, like it is our very own. 

Our aim is to provide professional and reliable service while respecting  you and your home at every step of the way with honesty and integrity. 

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