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How We Achieve Pure Water​ For Window Cleaning - Our Cleaning Process

We achieve water purification through our 4 stage ro/di system. First the source water travels through a sediment filter then on through a carbon filter. It then goes through a reverse osmosis membrane and finally through a de-ionized stage to create ZERO total dissolved solids in the water. This system is superior in aiding us to achieve very clean windows 

everytime. Couple this with the vast experience we bring to the table and the results are clear, an excellent window cleaning service provider. We can clean dirty windows with spot free resuts as high as 70 feet off the ground while keeping our feet on the ground. Safety is greatly enhanced while risks are dramatically reduced. Your going to love the results without the anxiety of safety issues. It truly is the best of both worlds for our customers and for us as well.

Keeping Your Glass Healthy And Beautiful

The glass on your windows has tiny pores that can be seen with our eyes, just like our skin. When minerals from garden hoses, tap water, aluminum screens, and acid rain settle on your window glass, they can cause hard water stains. Routine maintenance will help prevent these minerals from staining your glass. When hard water stains build up on the glass, 

removing them can be time consuming and expensive.

Utilizing Pure Water Results In Best Technique

For Window Cleaning

There are a couple ways to achieve really clean windows. Using a squeegee and natural sea sponge is a tried and true way to clean windows and works fantastic. This process is widely used in the industry and by us as well. The negative aspects in cleaning windows this way are the hazards of being on a ladder at heights too high as well as squeegee streaks often left behind on windows improperly cleaned. Another way of cleaning dirty windows is using pure water with a waterfed pole. When using this technology, pure water is created from the source and then pressurized or pumped up a waterfed pole with a brush attached on the end for scrubbing. Pure water is constantly being sprayed on the window and window frames while cleaning the window with an extremely safe for glass hybrid brush. Not only is the window being cleaned, but so are the frame and window sill. Pure water is an excellent cleaning agent as well, leaving behind a streak-free, spot-free clean window. Another large benefit with using waterfed pole pure water technology is it virtually removes the hazards of cleaning windows on a ladder. This brings safety to new heights. At Soft Touch Pro Wash we incorporate both techniques while cleaning windows. On all interior windows we will use the natural sea sponge and squeegee technique, and on exterior windows the waterfed pole technology will be primarily used.

Helping The Air Quality Inside Your

Home Or Business

Having your ceiling fans cleaned will surely benefit the air quality in your home or business. When you turn on a dirty ceiling fan all your doing is blowing around dust, dirt, and pollen as well. Sure, the breeze may feel great, but what your breathing in is not so great. Keep your ceiling fans and light fixtures clean and turn them on with no fear or anxiety of dusting up that furntire you just got done dusting or coughing because of all the dust you just swallowed. The light fixtures will shine brighter and stay clean for a much longer period of time as well.

Window Cleaning For Your Home

For home owners, clean windows make your property much more inviting, helping to create a positive first impression for house guests. Additionally, if you are about to venture into the realty market, our window cleaning services can help you attract more buyers to an open-house, and even help you add dollars to that final closing sale price. Curb appeal is key, and window cleaning services make it happen.

Window Cleaning For Your  Business

For business owners, this can be the difference between closing a sale and coming up empty-handed. An office building with sparkling windows indicates to your client that you are conscientious and willing to take care of even the smallest of details. For commercial retail shops and storefronts, clean windows showcase your products and wares in the best possible light. Our interior cleaning solution is top notch along with premium squeegee blades and natural sea sponges.

Interior Cleaning Services For Your Home & Business

In addition to interior window cleaning services, we offer fan cleaning, light fixture cleaning, and mirror cleaning. If your afraid to turn on those ceiling fans because of all the dust and dirt that will fly into the air, then it is time to clean them. Light fixtures will capture large amounts of dust, dirt, and grime on them as well. 

Keeping The Whole Window Healthy And Beautiful By Having Your Screens Cleaned

Cleaning window screens is one small effort that can save you quite a large amount of money in unnecessary window cleanings. If your window screens are currently saturated with dirt and grime, your sparkling-clean windows will be blasted by a muddy jet of water until the skies clear up! When the sun comes up and dries up all the rain, you’ll be left staring outside through streaky, mud-blotched window panes, and be wondering why exactly you booked your professional window cleaning in the first place. Remember – it isn’t rainwater that dirties your windows, it’s the action of rainwater coming into contact with dirty screens! This service will also in turn save you money on window cleanings because the windows will stay clean for a longer period of time. Clean screens will also help in reducing the amount of dirt, pollen, and other allergens that blow into your home when you open the windows to let a breeze in. It just makes sense! 

When having your windows cleaned it is a smart idea to have your window screens cleaned as well if they exist. There is no sense in making your window glass clean and beautiful only to insert dirty screens onto the window frame again. Rain water and wind will splash the dirt from the screen onto the glass, prematurely dirtying the window. We clean not only the screen but the frames as well. Having this service done will assure your windows will stay clean for a much longer period of time. It will also enhance the overall look of the window. Be sure to have your interior screens cleaned as well.

Beautiful Private House in the Suburb



The window panes on your home are the looking glass to the outside world while indoors. Let us help you with your panes so you can see through them with Clarity. We provide very flexible schedules. That is to say, we service your account when you would like us to do so. Our most popular is (3) times per year cleaning the exterior windows to keep them looking shiny and new.

Oh yeah, one more thing, there are zero contracts to sign with us, ever! Contact us today by phone or request a free estimate with our secure online form. 




There is no sense in having your windows cleaned and then reinstalling dirty screens over them. This will only dirty your windows much quicker soon as the next heavy rain or storm falls. We will remove and wash both sides of the screen as well as the frame of each, allow time for them to dry, and then reinsert them. This is far superior than just vacuuming the screens. Your indoor screens need cleaned as well as they collect dust and dirt inside the home.

Contact us today by phone or request a free estimate with our secure online form.

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Having both sides of your windows cleaned will bring out the ultimate clarity while looking through them and protect your investment. Most people forget about having their interior windows cleaned or assume they are not dirty. A film of dirt will slowly build on your interior windows that goes unnoticed... that is until you have them cleaned and see just how dirty they were. Be sure to have your interior windows cleaned at least annually.

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No need to be afraid to turn that ceiling fan on worried about all the dirt and dust that will blow around. Likewise for your light fixtures looking dirty and dim. This isn't good for allergies or the air quality in your home or business. We will clean those out of reach fixtures for you making them shine and clean again. We'll even clean those within reach fixtures that you don't want to bother with. So get out of the dust cloud and feel the breeze again.

Contact us today by phone or request a free estimate with our secure online form.

Your home or business is precious to you and your family.

We understand this and will treat it as such... as if it is our very own. 

Our aim is to provide professional and reliable service while respecting  you and your home at every step of the way with honesty and integrity. 

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